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for electrical supplies and modern lighting

Nebras for electrical supplies

Nebras Electrical Supplies and Modern Lighting specializes in the supply of integrated electrical products and solutions, energy services, and all indoor and outdoor lighting systems

Nebras will provide you with the product you always need, which combines safety standards and elegant design at the best competitive price for the value and quality of the product, while maintaining the highest ethical standards and meeting customer needs

The ability to supply large orders, such as orders for contracting, companies, projects, finishing companies, and small orders for individuals as well

Authorized agents and distributors for many brands


Nebras Electric Company for Electrical Supplies is one of the leading companies in providing energy-efficient lighting solutions and new applications. It was established to include everything you need in the field of electricity under one roof (Nebras), providing the latest integrated solutions for internal and external lighting systems, all finishing requirements, according to the latest international specifications and at competitive prices with the longest warranty period in Egypt. Nebras Company includes under its umbrella all major sectors related to electrical supplies (wires and cables, projects, development, and electrical activities)


The company provides all its services and products in order to achieve (efficiency - safety - trust - suitability - sustainability) by providing solutions to achieve those goals


We always strive to meet the aspirations of our customers and our success partners through the free consultation service, regardless of whether the purchases are completed or not


The company serves a large customer base of industrial and commercial companies as well as individuals. The company is proud of the position it occupies in the Egyptian market in the field of electrical tools and its good knowledge of various market trends


Fields of Nebras Company for Electrical Supplies and Modern Lighting


Spotlights and floodlights

Track Light LED

Track Light LED

Foundation and finishing supplies

Foundation and finishing supplies for apartments


Electrical accessories and tools


Tracks and LED hose lighting systems


Profile lighting systems


Nebras Electric for Electrical Supplies and Modern Lighting is one of the largest and oldest companies working in the field of electrical supplies in the fields of lighting and energy and distributors for major electricity companies

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